Faster than Sound

Faster Than Sound

Faster Than Sound gives artists a rare and inspirational space to create and perform
new collaborations between experimental musicians from different backgrounds, including electronica and classical music.

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The Chimes Hour

Saturday 1 November 2014

Jennifer Walshe and Lee Patterson with Aldeburgh Young Musicians create a multi-layered installation around the Hoffmann building

Drawing on the ambiguous spaces between nature and architecture, fact and myth that fill the Suffolk landscape, composers Jennifer Walshe and Lee Patterson, in collaboration with Aldeburgh Young Musicians, create an installed performance for the Hoffmann Building, drawing out hidden sounds and stories, and placing the audience in the centre of it all.
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Video – Richard Skelton with Elysian Quartet

Richard incorporated East-Anglian water-words into a new work — part poetic text, part musical score — to be interpreted and performed at Snape by himself and the Elysian Quartet.

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“Star-Shaped Biscuit is a remarkably strange and singular work that channels modernism’s untrammeled, lunatic invention to spellbinding effect.”

“The audience is assembled in a ravaged industrial space at the outer reaches of the Snape Maltings complex. Everything is coated in ash, the bones of the building groan in the night air, the moon drifts overhead, with the autumn cold just beginning to bite. A small ensemble crafted a fine mist of silvery noise, all glassy shivers, metallic growls and thunderous percussion that suggested a decaying house troubled by an especially malevolent poltergeist.”

Charlie Fox from Frieze reviews the recent performance of David Toop’s Star-shaped Biscuit
Frieze – Charlie Fox

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Shapes of sounds to come