Faster than Sound

Faster Than Sound

Faster Than Sound gives artists a rare and inspirational space to create and perform
new collaborations between experimental musicians from different backgrounds, including electronica and classical music.

Video – The Chimes Hour

Based on Suffolk mythology about children gifted with the ability to ‘discern happenings hidden from the sight of lesser mortals’, Jennifer Walshe and Lee Patterson composed this piece inspired by and performed within the whole of the Hoffmann Building.

Video – Russell Haswell and Exaudi perform Earthquake Mass

Aldeburgh Music commissioned musician and artist Russell Haswell to develop a work based on the 16th century Flemish composer Antoine Brumel’s incomplete score, Et Ecce Terrae Motus (Earthquake Mass)

Video – Richard Skelton with Elysian Quartet

Richard incorporated East-Anglian water-words into a new work — part poetic text, part musical score — to be interpreted and performed at Snape by himself and the Elysian Quartet.

Video – Roots

Alexis Taylor, Green Gartside, Anna Meredith, Mara Carlyle and South London Ordnance were brought together to produce brand new interpretations of traditional folk songs.

Video – Go Play

Pekka Kuusisto and Peter Gregson teamed up with music technology specialists Reactify to develop GoPlay, an app that allows musicians to enhance their performances electronically with greater freedom and creativity.

Video – David Toop – Star-shaped Biscuit

A woman, Dora, retreats to a northern island to await the final deluge. Perhaps she is the last human to survive environmental apocalypse, though ghosts keep her company. Among Dora’s few possessions is a star-shaped biscuit encased in a silver casket…