Soundfields - Fixing Point


Saturday 28 – Sunday 29 May
Variable 4

For 24 hours, Sound Artist, James Bulley and Software Engineer, Daniel Jones’s Variable 4 will use meteorological equipment and software to transform the weather conditions into an orchestral piece of music, projected through speakers integrated into the ground.

Fixing Point

Blast Theory with musician and composer, Chris Clark, have developed an interactive application that traces your movement. Armed with headphones as you walk away from Snape, you will be taken on a journey into a new musical landscape.

Soundtrap V

A new audio-visual artwork is created and synthesized in a collaboration between musician Bruce Gilbert and Beaconsfield ArtWorks. Using ‘organic’ field recordings and expressive art, the Big Shed in Iken will undergo a visual transformation as the sound of the coast illuminates the room.


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